Dazzling Duo

September 2022

On a hot summer day we received an e-mail from Natan Tazelaar, who wanted to write an article about the 993 GT2 Clubsport and Carrara Cup 3.8 RSR, because they „are the most desirable and hard-to-find 911 variants of there 993 generation“.

A couples of days later Natan and his friend Ingmar Timmer, who shot the pictures, arrived at our showroom to have a look at two stunning beauties and get all the information and pictures for the Vintage Motorsport Magazine.

With a total production of only 30 examples however, the RSR is much more exclusive and collectible than most other 993 family members.

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Collectible and Exclusive

„Walking around these two beautiful machines the GT2 Clubsport and the RSR during the photography session in Germany, we were talking to Matthias Bemben, who represents Jan B. Lühn, the exclusive [race] car dealer who has both cars on offer. Bemben showed us a file folder with all the documentation that came with the RSR, which depicted a striking difference between these two 993s. The GT2 also has a very detailed history, but the RSR comes with a little booklet from the German Motorsport Association showing page after page where the car raced since it was first acquired by the famous German Zakspeed team in early 1998.“