2004 Porsche 911 / 996 RSRoffered for sale

Model History:

The 996 GT3 R was introduced in 1999 as a replacement for the  (last) air cooled 993 RSR. Before its introduction, it was extensively tested at Weissach and Paul Ricard. Reduction in weight over the GT3 road car was achieved by carbon fibre body panels and plexi-glass rear and side windows. The front nose section contained additional air inlets for engine and brake cooling. A steel roll cage was welded into the body and the car was fitted with a full air-jack system, fire extinguisher and racing seat with safety harness. The suspension was similar to the GT3 road car in principle, but with variable springs, adjustable shocks, anti-roll bars and spherical joints. Large brake discs  without ABS were fitted, too.


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Class wins at the 1999 and 2000 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The 3.6-litre type M96/77 engine developed 405bhp at 8.200rpm when fitted with a 43.1 mm air restrictor plate, thereby meeting class regulations. The engine was fitted with a Bosch Motronic 3.1 engine management system. Other engine modifications included titanium conrods and valves, a racing exhaust system, as well as a dry-sump lubrication with an oil-water heat exchanger. A 6-speed sequential manual transmission was also installed. Notable ins for the GT3 R include class wins at the 1999 and 2000 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Highly eligible for the Peter Auto and Masters racing series including Le Mans Classic.

The 2004 Porsche 996 GT3 RSR, as presented here for sale, was the ultimate development of the 996 GT3 racing derivats, featuring a 450bhp, 3.8-litre flat-6 engine and a 6-speed sequential manual transmission. Reduction in weight was achieved by employing even more carbon fibre panels. Only 37 RSRs were factory built, although a lot of R and RS were upgraded to RSR spec.

Specific history of this car:

Chassis #3070 was one of the last built RSR and was delivered new to the Germany based semi-Works Team Yukos Freisinger Motorsport as an original GT3 RSR in white (Carreraweiss) in full ACO spec for 2004 season. Freisinger entered the car successfully in the FIA GT and other international championships.

2004 FIA GT Championship (N-GT):

• 05 March 2004, FIA GT official Test, 1st
• 28 March 2004, FIA GT Monza, Vasiliev/Fomenko, DNF (fuel leak)
• 18 April 2004, FIA GT Valencia, Vasiliev/Fomenko, 4th
• 25 April 2004, Le Mans Test, Vasiliev/Fomenko/Nearn, 11th
• 02 May 2004, FIA GT Magny-Cours, Vasiliev/Fomenko, 3rd
• 16 May 2004, FIA GT Hockenheim, Vasiliev/Fomenko, DNF (engine)
• 30 May 2004, FIA GT Brno, Vasiliev/Fomenko, 4th
• 13 June 2004, Le Mans 24 Hours, Vasiliev/Fomenko/Nearn, DNF (Accident)
• 07 July 2004, 1000kms Nürburgring, Vasiliev/Collard/Ortelli, DNF (Out of Fuel)
• 01 August 2004, Spa 24 Hours, Bernhardt/Bergmeister/Vasiliev, 2nd
• 05 September 2004, FIA GT Imola, Bergmeister/Vasiliev, 3rd

At the end of the season Vasiliev finished in 4th and Fomenko in 7th position of the drivers championship. The Yukos Freisinger Motorsport team won the N-GT team championship!

The car was then sold to Mr Jesus Diez de Villaroel, who still entered the car in the Spanish GT championship in 2004:

10 October 2004, Spanish GT Jerez, Diez, DNF (Accident)
14 November 2004, Spanish GT Barcelona, Diez/Saldana, 5th

After that the car was sold to Miguel Pais do Amaral and the car entered unter the „ASM Team Racing for Portugal“ in the Spanish GT Season 2005:

• 17 April 2005, Spanish GT Jarama, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: 2nd
• 15 Mai 2005, Spanish GT Valencia, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: 7th, Race 2: 4th
• 26 June 2005, Spanish GT Estoril, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: winner
• 18 Sept. 2005, Spanish GT Albacete, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: 5th Race 2: 2nd
• 16 October 2005, Spanish GT Jerez, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: DNF
• 13 November 2005, Spanish GT Barcelona, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: DNF
• 21 May 2006, Spanish GT Jarama, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: 10th, Race 2: 11th
• 25 June 2006, GT Open Estoril, Amaral/Couceiro, Race 1: 9th, Race 2: 12th

The car was entered under the Drivex banner from now on:

• 08 October 2006, GT Open Valencia, de Castro/Amaral, Race 1: 5th, Race 2: 6th
• 22 October 2006, Spanish GT Jerez, de Castro/Amaral, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: 5th
• 12 November 2006, GT Open Barcelona, Amaral/Chacon, 4th
• 01 April 2007, Spanish GT Jarama, Amaral/de Castro, Race 1: 6th, Race 2: DNF
• 27 May 2007, Spanish GT Estoril, Amaral/de Castro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: DNF
• 24 June 2007, Spanish GT Albacete, Amaral/de Castro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: 2nd
• 30 Sept. 2007, Spanish GT Valencia, Amaral/de Castro, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: DNF
• 28 October 2007, Spanish GT Jerez, Amaral/de Castro, Race 1: 4th, Race 2: Disqualified

In late 2007 the car was sold to Antonio Castro, who started racing the car one year later:

• 03 May 2009, Spanish GT Valencia, Castro/Diez, Race 1: 1st, Race 2: 2nd
• 19 July 2009, Spanish GT Estoril, Castro/Diez, 2nd
• 12 September 2009, Spanish GT Albacete, Castro/Diez, Race 1: 1st, Race 2: 4th
• 18 October 2009 Spanish GT Jerez, Castro/Diez, Race 1: 2nd, Race 2: DNF

The car was then retired from modern racing and sold in 2014 to a German collector. It was soon brought back to its original Yukos Freisinger Motorsport livery and entered extremely successfully with the help of Roitmayer Motorsport in historic racing. 3070 soon started to win races again in the Peter Auto and Masters Series and is without any doubt one of the fastest 996 RSR in historic motorsport. So far the car finished every qualifying on pole position in the GT2 class and won the races in Spa, Estoril and at the Nürburgring. The RSR is today fitted with a correct 3.8-litre engine with 30.6mm restrictors and delivers around 490 hp. 3070 was also one of only three RSR factory lightweight chassis with special reinforcements that can only be found of the semi-Works cars from Yukos Freisinger Motorsport.

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